It is one of VIP HOLDING, as it was established to be one of our leading group locally and internationally in the business sector, and to provide CONSULTANCY & ADVISORY and integrated development solutions in commercial and economic investment after the increasing need recently. The technological development and the fast progress in the world of technology has pushed the consulting firms to go beyond their traditional role of providing advice in exchange for money, to aspire to a greater role represented in directing and supervising, and here was our starting point, when the development of technology gave an easy access to consulting , but the point was in the direction and application, so the establishment of our company was for this great goal.

Since our establishment, our company has presented to its clients, investors and businessmen, the best CONSULTANCY & ADVISORY, in construction, real estate and foreign trade represented in import and export and related logistical issues, in addition to legal CONSULTANCY & ADVISORY. , financial investments, tourism transport sector, tourism services and hotel and advertisements through social media and e-marketing. And that was by relying on a pro team of lowers , advocates and experts in the various mentioned fields.

Day by day our company is moving forward, diversifying CONSULTANCY & ADVISORY and expanding the range of advisory services it provides to keep up with the rapid development in the global CONSULTANCY & ADVISORY services sector. Therefore, we provide businessmen, entrepreneurs investors with first-class advisory services (A Plus),literally "successful, sound and profitable consulting" based on our successful vision and within the framework of its future goals for development.

An elite group of consultants with extensive administrative and legal expertise work with VIP ADVISORY & CONSULTANCY, in addition to scientific, organizational, productive and project management experts, who supervised the implementation of many projects in many countries, especially in the Middle East region, and they won customers satisfaction, by offering successful investment advice and appropriate and effective alternative solutions to solve the problems facing them in a short time and at the lowest cost, and raise the level of production and increase sales.


To support creating new opportunities for our customers and to lead these opportunities.


Creating value with all stakeholders by establishing intercontinental economy and cultural bridges through sustainable growth


Our goal is always the satisfaction of our customers dealing with honesty, sincerity and the utmost transparency. They are our success partners. what VIP ADVISORY & CONSULTANCY see in every advice we give our clients is an opportunity to create a long-term partnership , which allows us to apply all our resources and capabilities in order to achieve successful investments that lead to constant development for our societies and countries.


We always look for innovation and development in order to play A pioneering role in building our homelands and developing our societies.